About Us

Ummaira is the woman who makes her flight with the power of her own wings. She is the Snow Whites and Cindrellas who speak their mind and make their way; She is the Simrans and the Geets who have broken off the shackles of make-belief and have dared to dream and dared to do.

Ummaira is the celebration of the feminine spirit, delicate and bashful but at the same time strong and steadfast! With fabrics and colours that have been drawn from every corner of this magnificent country, from embroidery patterns to handcrafted styling that reflect the soul of India, from silks to pashminas, from ikkats to paat, from chickans to parsi, from patola to katans, from bandhej to muga , from chanderi to jamdani, Ummaira is an extension of dreams that have found their voice in the Woman of Today.

Ummaira is an experience.... Come, fall in love !